We are Brand Cocoon - a holistic digital PR agency that leverages multiple communication platforms to engage brands with their stakeholders. Brand Cocoon prioritizes the needs of each client to develop impactful media and digital campaigns.

With the advent of digital, the media is witnessing a paradigm shift. With newer media platforms emerging and the traditional media taking the 'digital first' approach to file stories on a real-time basis, the need of the hour is to sync traditional PR practices to evolving digital trends. This, especially at a time when there are multiple stakeholders for a brand; each consumes information differently from the other.

We have implemented public relations and digital campaigns for some of the best clients from the National and International markets, helping them to solve problems and develop their businesses. We work together with our clients, facilitating honest and transparent collaborations to gain a complete understanding of their vision and needs.

The Public Relations services of the company are based on the key

aspects of:

- In-depth analysis of clients' need/s

- Ideation & Strategy

- Execution

- Measurable Impact

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