How We Approach Our Work

Given our extensive experience of handling clients from the Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Finance, Start-ups, and Lifestyle sector, one particular aspect of focus that deserves due attention is the aspect of media intelligence and measurable ROI. This usually falls beyond the SOW of most communication & research agencies. Given the changing dimensions of the communication industry and the goldmine of information that the media offers, there arises a need to constantly monitor relevant news for the growth of the company. This is crucial for reasons aplenty, some of them being:


 - Mapping competition (their plans for the market, communication strategy, investment, and expansion plans)

- Understanding Industry trends

- Identifying groups and organizations working in a particular sector

- Exploring potential partnerships for the growth of the business

- Developing Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and outreach campaigns 

- Identify and implement best industry practices

-  Generate ideas on research topics

- Identify potential markets for creating case studies or white papers

- Create a database of the latest media relevant to the sector

Mapping PR to Digital Strategy - Digital PR to increase your organic rankings and ROI:

We emphasis on ROI-centric, data-driven PR solutions for our clients by facilitating cooperation between SEOs and PRs. And this is where the conventional use of content gap analysis will provide PRs with useful insight. Usually, a content gap analysis is conducted to determine where the content development opportunities are, based on the mapping of keywords that the SEO plan aims to target. These forms of audits are carried out in order to enhance the performance of your content, thus resulting in online visibility & traffic and ROI - The exact same KPI’s journalists aim to achieve.