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Improving a Brand’s Image & SEO with #DigitalPR

#DigitalPR versus Traditional PR

Digital PR is the art of leveraging digital tools to enhance a brand's visibility. Though the approach seems quite similar to engaging print journalists, digital PR has an added advantage of (but not limited to) reaching out to a broader target audience and enabling customization of content for multiple platforms, scoring backlinks and social media mentions; a key aspect to help improve a brands’ SEO.

While traditional PR revolves around networking with journalists for getting featured in print publications, Digital PR agencies work towards networking with journalists, bloggers, influencers and other stakeholders who hold the potential to influence a Brands’ image in the eyes of the larger public. With online media rapidly surpassing traditional print publications, the savviest of the PRs along with media houses have taken a ‘web first approach’ to filing and consuming news.

The objective of #DigitalPR

Until a few years ago, the key success metrics of a public relations firm was to get its clients featured in a leading print publication. Digital PR is all this and much more. It entails publishing though-leadership articles and press releases in print and online platforms, engaging bloggers and influencers on product launches and reviews, affiliate marketing, fostering media relations and customizing content to secure wider press hits whilst using social media to gain brand exposure, trust and through online reviews.

Types of engagement by a #DigitalPR Agency

Companies need to explore publicity just beyond print publications & look at alternatives to connect online with their prospective customers. Digital PR companies ought to successfully blend the best of conventional PR with the latest trends in social media marketing, content marketing and influencer engagement.

Here are some of the common types of Digital PR strategy:

· Drafting and publishing online press releases

· Networking with journalists and media houses to gain backlinks

· Blogger outreach to enhance the brands’ online image

· Influencer marketing to gain mentions on influential social media accounts

· Using media relations to publish online interviews and reviews

· Syndication customized content such as infographics in key online news portal with the objective of earning backlinks

The benefits of #DigitalPR for a business

Boosts Website traffic

To meet a range of markets, more individuals can come into contact with your brand on the internet. This will ensure more visits to your website with the right digital PR approach.

Improves SEO

You will boost your SEO rankings corresponding to the target keywords by publishing engaging content on high-authority websites that connect to your website. In addition, if your SEO rating increases, you will further see an increase in your traffic, leads, and sales.

Helps establish thought leadership position

If your company has quality press-hits, digital PR is a whimsical way of showcasing it. It helps establish the brands authority.

Generate leads and sales

By placing a brand in front of relevant audience, an effective digital PR strategy improves the prospect of generating leads and the resultant sales

To Wrap Up

Now that much has been disclosed in this post, it is about time to think about putting in place a digital PR strategy.

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