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What Does a Public Relations Agency Do?

In the last few decades, just as our society has changed and developed, so have media outlets and the role of a publicist in a PR agency. While some components remain as is, modern-day PR includes a much broader offering compared to its past existence. In contrast, PR has also changed as technology has molded and influenced our world in new ways. This significant transition has forced PR agencies to turn their attention to digital, changing the entire industry in essence. Because of this move, PR agencies do so much more these days than just build brand recognition and secure magazine and newspaper placements.

The Role of a Public Relations Firm

Understand Target Audience & Buyer Persona: This is an important part in the age of #digitalpr. Considering the audience is the first priority when taking on a new client. This sets the stage for the rest of the PR plan. Ignoring this would be akin to shooting in the dark. When a target market is established, a PR company may outline what they consider to be their target customer's persona. This helps publicists to understand better which publications would cater to this audience and structure their strategy in appealing to this persona through targeted media outreach.

Create targeted Media lists: It is not possible to start building a targeted press list until you know what kind of editors and publications you are trying to connect with. This is where the understanding the local media landscape comes handy. A publicist will then try establishing contact with the respective editor or writer who is the perfect match for the business once these media outlets are established. This is also achieved by looking for authors and editors who have written on subjects that are close to what a PR rep is trying to pitch. If you want to get results for your client, this aspect of PR marketing is extremely important. You will end up wasting your time pitching to the wrong journalists if you don't take your time when building press lists, and possibly won't elicit the desired responses from media houses.

Curate Compelling Story Pitches: Here is where a PR agency will have to huddle the right-brainers to ideate on story angels and craft compelling pitches in accordance. It is coupled with persuading journalists to cover your story or concept. The pitch is usually made based on seasonal and market trends, or in case of launch of new products and services. It is the responsibility of the PR expert to come up with creative and compelling story points that include their client.

Outreach Initiatives: Public relations companies are responsible for arranging interviews, sourcing quotes, sending the product, and answering any questions the media may have while performing outreach. A critical aspect of working in the PR industry is securing and sustaining good relationships with members of the media. The end-goal here is to garner positive press and image of the client.

Handle Influencer Relationships: Influencer partnerships are a new offering that many modern-day PR companies deliver as a part of their offering. This is similar to public relations, includes building targeted lists, innovative pitches, and outreach. Influencer relations targets influencers from social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The goal however is the same – garner positive publicity.

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